At Living Wallz Landscapes we offer a personalised service to our customers, providing full design and build services tailored to their individual requirements. We specialise in small space make-overs which maximise outdoor living spaces potential. Using cutting edge materials and systems we can transform garden into contemporary ‘outdoor room’.

Living walls

Living walls use plants natural ability to survive in rock crevices in the wild. Man-made system's replicate these niches and supply the plants with food and water. Using innovative systems, we can transform unsightly walls and facades into a lush oasis of plant-life. Where space is at a premium this could be the solution, bringing the life-giving qualities of plants closer to your living area’s.

Other important benefit's of living walls include improving building insulation of both heat and sound transference and enhancing air quality.



With over 25 years wide ranging experience in landscaping, we offer our clients a bespoke design and build service, to create their dream garden space. We use a wide range of materials and skills to bring gardens to life, including decorative patio work, decking and carpentry, turfing and soft landscaping. We do have specialist knowledge of plants and how to incorporate them in your design in the best possible way.


Digitally design your garden before!

We are able to provide you with a digital view of your finished garden and a working plan of your design. Through creating the concept design we can consider all aspects of the project in advance. 

An estimate for this service can be provided following initially consultations.


Bespoke Fencing Solutions

Our Livingwallz Screens bring the natural hues of timber or the textures of coir-fibre to a garden. The coir fibres originate from the coconut palm, which are incredibly durable and hard-wearing. They are formed from highly durable ABS plastic tubing (100% recycled plastic waste ) which are wrapped with coir.

Constructed on site to our clients exact specifications, the bespoke screens can utilise hardwood timber edging and posts from sustainable sources. The screens have an extremely long life-expectancy when planted with a range of evergreen and deciduous climbing plants. The climbing plants benefit the screen by protecting the surface and in time forming a dense organic root-mat, protected from the sun by dense foliage.


Resin-bound Gravel Surfacing

This surface is becoming increasing popular as it considered to be a sustainable drainage system (SuDS). It allows rainwater to percolate through it, slowing drainage from heavy rainfall, and it is therefore a surface favoured by  Local Authorities for hard standing surfaces. We are qualified installers of ResinDrive surfacing products.


Decking and Patio's

At Livingwallz landscapes we are experienced in creating features using a wide range of materials and styles to suit our clients specifications. We have long established relationships with a range of quality product suppliers and are able to offer highly competitive material prices.